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Paradox Campaign

Post #1 by MasterZelgadis » December 14th, 2016, 9:15 am

The Paradox Campaign is the campaign which is part of the official rulebooks. The campaign follows the military part of the game.

It consists of:

Part 1 - Operation Distant Thunder (Core Rulebook)
Part 2 - Operation Checkmate (Check and Mate)
Part 3 - Operation Fallen Star (Our Darkest Hour)

Are there more operations belonging to this campaign?
Maybe in the spanish or french version there could be a continuation of this campaign, but sadly my skills in reading french or spanish are limited by what google translate is able to translate ;)

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Post #2 by Slay2k » January 7th, 2017, 3:59 pm

Before starting with "Paradox Campaign" i decide to use some of other adventure of the book.

I think that you can begin with one (or more) of the startup adventure to get the player into X-Corps world.

If you start after "San Francisco Incident" and player are already in Global Defense: you can use "Operation Red Sky" and the launch "Paradox Campaign".

If you start after "San Francisco Incident" and player aren't in Global Defense (better if they are already military): you can use "The Longest Night" to put the player on display and make them enter into Global Defense.

If you start before "San Francisco Incident" you can use the relative adventure to introduce player into Global Defense (better if they are already military).

I choose the last one.

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